As announced yesterday with the blog post Delphi & C++Builder FREE Community Editions Updated to Version 10.4.2 Are Now Available, Embarcadero has moved the free CE license of its two IDEs, Delphi and C++Builder, to the last version of the product, 10.4 Sydney. The Community Edition is a free edition for non-professional developers (read the FAQ or the EULA for more information) and anyone who wants to start using one of the 2 products to learn them.

Being a complete product aligned to the Professional Edition of Delphi or C++Builder, it allows building applications for desktop (Windows and also macOS for Delphi) and mobile (Android and iOS). The CE edition includes both the VCL and the FMX UI libraries, but also the core RTL and database libraries, web technologies and more.

If you are interested, you can download 10.4 CE and also sign up for the “summer camp” to learn more about the technology of these CE editions and other Embarcadero tools:

I’ve very happy we are making the 10.4 version of Delphi and C++Builder available as a free Community Edition tools, as I’m certain a lot of people will leverage the opportunity to learn about our technology, both in terms of programming languages and libraries. If you are new to it, Delphi is a lot of fun to learn and a very powerful natively compiled language, worth having a deep look.